Imperial Retriever puppy info.

We only breed our females at 18 month intervals. While not cost-effective, it's what's best for our girls, and that's our highest priority.  Our girls are not "brood-bitches"... they're family.

Our puppies are raised in our home.  Yes, it's an inconvenience to us, but it allows our pups' the best opportunity for socialization.  

Pups are $1,500 each with a $350 deposit.

Choice of litter depends on receipt of deposit.

Pups are guaranteed for 30 months for eyes (cataracts) and hip dysplasia.  

Pups will be ready for pick-up at 7 weeks of age.  Buyers will be notified in advance of scheduled pick-up date.

We do not ship.  All pups must be picked up at the kennel.

We encourage any potential puppy buyer to schedule an appointment and come by for a visit.  We thoroughly enjoy showing you our dogs's abilities and temperments.  Allow enough time for a field demo, if you like.

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Available British Labrador Puppies

Simon x Mattye

Mattye whelped on January 1st, 2017.  We currently have three male pups that are not yet spoken for.  We project these pups as outstanding hunting and hunt-test candidates.  Call or email for availability. 

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We're tenatively planning Indie's next breeding for spring of 2017.  Her previous puppies have been outstanding, and I highly recommend an early deposit if you're considering one.