Our Boys

Requirements for outside breedings:

* Current (negative) Brucellosis test.

*Current Bordetella immunization.

*A minimum of a Jr/Started hunter title.

*Documentation of Clear status for EIC, CNM,

and PRA.

*Documentation of Good or Excellent Hips, and Normal elbows with the OFA.

*Documentation of a recent, clear CERF.

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Hips: Excellent

Elbows: Normal

CERF: Clear (updated 8/16)

EIC: Clear

PRA: Clear

CNM: Clear

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Hips: Excellent

Elbows: Normal

CERF: Clear (updated 8/16)

EIC: Clear

PRA: Clear

CNM: Clear

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HRCH UH Imperial's Notorious (Simon)

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Simon was the first (and largest) of Indie's 2014 litter.  He's very bold and full of himself, but shows outstanding focus and steadiness at the line.  We're most impressed with Simon's stoic demeanor, both at the line in a hunt test, and in a duck blind.  There's a saying among dog trainer's that claims, "It's not a matter of if a dog will break, but when."  In Simon's case, that statement doesn't ring true.  His steadiness is legendary, and he faces all distractions with a calmn approach.  He was precocious as a young puppy, hauling around full-size Mallard Dokken bumpers at the age of 3 months.  Simon saw his first waterfowl action on the prairie potholes and grain fields of Saskatchewan, retrieving both ducks and geese on land and water spreads.  Simon achieved his Upland Hunter title in four straight tests, at the age of 21 months.  In April of 2016, he achieved his Hunting Retriever title, and then his Hunting Retriver Champion title in August of the same year.  We continue to run Simon, as we approach HRC's 500 Point Club.    Stud fee: $1,500

HR Dunehead Danny (Danny) 

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Danny was imported from the United Kingdom in February of 2015.  His sire is Field Trial Champion Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn, which makes him a half-sibling to Indie.  Danny quickly proved to be a huge asset as a waterfowl pick-up dog, and has transitioned to our style of American waterfowl hunting very smoothly.  He's extremely quiet and calm in the blind, but relentless when pursuing a downed bird.  Danny breezed through Seasoned, achieving his HR title in May of 2016.  We're looking forward to running Finished tests with him in the spring of 2017.  Stud fee: $1,200

Imperial's Smooth Operator (Rico)

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Rico is an Indie-bred pup, kept from her second litter (sired by Int. FTC Apache Joe) in December of 2015.  He has exceptional bone and structure, a dense coat, and a desire to please.  Rico is also Yellow-factored.  While we're thrilled about his retreiving desire, we're also happy with his loving, people-pleasing demeanor. 

Astraglen Port (Shadow)

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Shadow came to us in February of 2016, via Nigel Carville's Astraglen Kennels of Ireland.  Prior to importing Shadow, I had three UK studs in mind to sire our future pup.  As it would happen, Shadow's sire (FTC Waysgreen Apollo) is one of them, and his maternal grandsire (FTC Waterford Ganton) was another.  Shadow is built very similar to Rico, with excellent bone structure and coat.  He is extremely outgoing, and never meets a stranger.  We're very excited at Shadow's undeniable potential as a waterfowl and hunt test competitor.